International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW): resources


A quick post to highlight that it’s International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW). IPS and APIC have published a few useful resources:

IPS have taken an international view, highlighting perspectives on IPC from around the world. (Rafaela Oliveira Franca’s contribution from Brazil reminded me of my trip there some years ago!) Some of the recurring themes across the globe are variety and job satisfaction, resource limitation (to a lesser or greater degree), and the challenges of effecting sustained behaviour change.

APIC have created a neat collection of resources, summarised here. The resources include infographics, logos (including the one illustrated above!), quizzes, and e-cards. I just took the ‘What Germ Are You‘ quiz, and it turns out I’m influenza.

Please feel free to highlight any other IIPW-related resources by commenting below!


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