CPE contamination of hospital wastewater: smoking gun or innocent bystander?

A recent US study has investigated CPE contamination of sinks, drains, and wastewater. Carbapenemase-producing bacteria were identified throughout the drainage and water system, from drains in patient rooms, right through to wastewater sampled through manholes adjacent to the hospital. My main question in all of this is whether this huge reservoir of carbapenemases in hospital wastewater is a risk for patients. The lack of genetic similarity between isolates in hospital wastewater and isolates from patients suggest not, but I suspect there’s an indirect link and these carbapenemases find their way into isolates affecting humans, which is supported by genetic links between the plasmids carrying the carbapenemases.

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Perspectives from ECCMID 2014: the box set

eccmid 2014

I’ve published a few ‘Perspectives from ECCMID’ on the blog over the last few days, so thought it would be useful to post a summary:

You may also be interested in some other updates from ECCMID elsewhere in the blogosphere: