Stand-alone air decontamination units: some questions…

I’ve been involved recently in a comparative evaluation of several stand-alone air decontamination units. Please feel free to take a look at our (very!) preliminary findings here. I also attended the HIS Spring Meeting today, which was all about ventilation in healthcare settings. Whilst I found the day interesting and thought provoking, I’ve left with more questions than I had before!

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Do stand-alone air disinfection units reduce HCAI?

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted – sorry about that. I’m blaming the Omicron wave and my own personal dose of COVID-19 recently (you can see my reflections about that on Twitter…)

And so to today’s blog. Lots of interest in air disinfection systems. And some important research articles coming through. This one in JHI caught my attention, because there’s a suggestion of a link between improved air hygiene and reduced HCAI. However, I am unconvinced (from this study) that this link has been demonstrated – so a key opportunity for applied research!

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