The most visited Reflections posts of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to share the most visited posts of 2019 on Reflections. And here they are:

Blog post % views of top 10 posts Year published
Do you know your CRO from your CPO from your CRE from your CPE? 11.4 2013
Focusing on the role of nurses in environmental hygiene 11.3 2018
Hand hygiene and the courage to challenge: a personal reflection 11.1 2019
Bad things happen when you don’t do hand hygiene 10.7 2019
We need to win hearts and minds to improve hand hygiene practice 10.7 2019
Dispersal of CPE from contaminated sinks and drains: a refection from Infection Prevention 2019 9.6 2019
CRE can survive on dry surfaces for longer than you may expect 9.3 2014
CPE infection prevention and control guidelines: an update 8.8 2019
An endless one-sided confidence in Pip-tazo? 8.6 2018
Studying bacteriophages: catch-22 8.5 2019

Some reflections on these Reflections:

  • Two subjects dominated the top ten: CPE and hand hygiene. CPE perhaps isn’t surprising – there’s always a lot of breaking news about this pernicious pathogen. But hand hygiene is a bit more surprising – perhaps a suggestion that we have quite a bit further to go with what should be a basic requirement in the provision of healthcare.
  • Some older posts are still making the top 10. In fact, the most visited post of 2019 was in fact published way back in 2013 (around definitions of CPO/CPE)!
  • There’s a more even spread of posts in the 10 ten this year – in previous years, a small number of posts have seen a lot more visitors.
  • We’ve noticed a slight change in the geography of readers, with the US audience now bigger than the European audience; this may have something to do with a bit of a slow-down on the fab Controversies in HAI blog across the pond.

Whilst we’re in reflective mode (see what I did there), this seems like a good opportunity to share with you the results of the survey I ran a few weeks ago about about whether we should get more multi-media on Reflections:

As you can see, the result is that whilst about a third of the 75 people who voted (thanks!) were happy with the ‘text + pic’ format, around two thirds are hankering after more multi-media content, with 36% liking the sound of more video content. We’ll do our best to meet this during 2020!

Finally, a call for bloggers. We love to have guest posts on Reflections, so if something about HCAI or AMR is on your mind, please drop us a line to arrange a guest post.

Here’s to a brilliant 2020.


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