What does lab diagnosis of MDR-GNR have to do with SURFing?

I met the Service Users Research Forum (SURF) yesterday, and they asked me to give a presentation on the emergence and detection of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (you can download my slides here). I found these slides by Dr Katie Hopkins (PHE) useful in preparing mine. It was my first interaction with a patient-led research group and I enjoyed the meeting very much. I found the SURF members and their academic support team from the University of West London to be engaged, engaging, knowledgeable and thirsty for knowledge. Their questions were insightful and their suggestions were thought-provoking. Informal discussions on a current research proposal (for enhanced surveillance of carbapenem-resistant Gram-negatives) gave me some useful ideas; researchers can easily lose sight of the patient perspective. I can see why funders such as NIHR now insist on seeing patient involvement in the development of research proposals and I am sure I will be SURFing again in the near future!

I put together the flow chart below to try and summarise the diagnostic approach to the lab detection of MDR-GNR. I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this flow chart…

surf mdrgrn