A hand hygiene cracker from the Christmas BMJ

The annual Christmas BMJ is always good for a laugh. This year, one of the featured articles introduces the idea of using the tune of Frère Jacques to help memorise the WHO’s six-step hand hygiene technique.

And here’s the song in action:

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Santa’s little helper: engaging children to create information for patients

A cracker in the Christmas BMJ reports the insightful use of children to help create patient information leaflets. Whilst the article is tongue-in-cheek, in the spirit of the Christmas BMJ, there may just be something in it!

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The 12 Days of Infection Prevention and Control

outbreak phylogenetic tree

You have to sing this. Out loud. Loud.


On the twelth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

Twelve bowels running

Eleven lines infecting

Ten kids a whooping

Nine hand hygiene dancers

Eight babes a milking

Seven stools a swimming

Six geese a sneezing

No g-o-l-d rings*

Four oozing wounds

Three copper pens

Two sterile golves

And – an – outbreak – in – a – phylogenetic – tree.


* Plain metal bands allowed.


This blog is inspired by a tweet from @IPS_Infection:

Image: HMS Beagle Blog (awaiting permission).

A Belated Christmas Stocking

Christmas Eve MagicIf your Christmas Stocking disappointed, perhaps we can help. There were loads of fascinating articles published during 2013 that I had on my list to cover on the blog, but just ran out of time. So, rather than letting them fall into the ether, I thought I’d point you in their general direction!

New and novel aspects of environmental contamination:

Which interventions work to control hospital transmission?


Photo credit: Bo Insogna.