A Belated Christmas Stocking

Christmas Eve MagicIf your Christmas Stocking disappointed, perhaps we can help. There were loads of fascinating articles published during 2013 that I had on my list to cover on the blog, but just ran out of time. So, rather than letting them fall into the ether, I thought I’d point you in their general direction!

New and novel aspects of environmental contamination:

Which interventions work to control hospital transmission?


Photo credit: Bo Insogna.


One thought on “A Belated Christmas Stocking

  1. Jon,
    I just presented for Circle of Care in Houston TX.
    They are the Educational , Training arm for 5 professional nurses associations.
    The Topic of my presentation, ” Airborne Infectious Disease”.
    It is apparent to many we have missed an entire transmission mode, in our prevention of HAI’s..
    Airborne Transmission allows pathogens, sub-micron in size a very easy access to infect others.
    I was wondering if you were interested in posting in it entirety, the U.S. ASHRAE Position Paper , Airborne Infectious Disease, 2009.
    This groundbreaking document outlines this mode of transmission, and stipulates to the spread of Measles, Mumps. Influenza and TB as airborne over very long distances including through the HVAC system, which acts as a mixer.
    Let me know and I will forward.


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