Christmas 2013 Update

Christmas presentsWelcome to the Micro Blog Christmas 2013 Update! These articles have been published since the last update:

It’s been an enjoyable last few months on the blog, with lots of comments and discussion, so thank-you for those; we do enjoy the interaction. In fact, the recent post on whether hospitals should provide single rooms for all patients has received a record number of comments!

Thank-you in particular to our guest bloggers, Rodney Rohde and Carolyn Dawson. Look out for more guest bloggers in 2014, and if you’re interesting in contributing to the blog, just let us know.

Micro Blog is now on Facebook, so if you like it, please ‘like’ it, if you like.

Finally, we do hope that you have a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year.

See you in 2014.

Jon and Saber.

Photo credit: allerleirau.

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