Flying tweets: a visual abstract

This visual abstract has appeared to summarise the findings of our article about tweeting and infection-related conferences (previous post about the article here):

The image does a good job of summarising the key findings of the paper:

  • An awful lot of tweets (24,000) were linked to four infection-related conferences, most of which were sent during the conference;
  • Tweets with web links were twice as likely to be retweeted as those without; but
  • Tweets with photos were much less likely to be retweeted than those without.

I like the idea of a visual abstract to quickly summarise the key findings of a paper. I think that they, along with video summaries for high-profile articles, are going to be part of the future of academic publishing.


One thought on “Flying tweets: a visual abstract

  1. I love the use of a visual abstract. Concise and fast way to get the gist of a paper. I think this is going to be mainstay as already is the case with Infographics which are a great way to showcase information.


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