Acronyms for carbapenem-resistant bacteria (again)

I am currently involved in some research that requires a clear distinction between CPE (i.e. Enterobacteriaceae that produce a carbapenemase) and non-carbapenemase-producing CRE. Since ‘non-carbapenemease-producing carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae’ is a bit of a mouthful, I need to come up with some sort of acronym. I would appreciate your thoughts on the scheme set out below:

You can read more thoughts on acronyms for carbapenem-resistant bacteria in a previous post here.


4 thoughts on “Acronyms for carbapenem-resistant bacteria (again)

  1. The problem with this simple scheme, Jon, is that you open it with a requirement for carbapenem resistance. This means you immediately ‘lose’ some CPE, those with MICs below the clinical breakpoints (i.e. CPE but non-CRE). I suggest changing the first box to include all strains that match EUCAST’s screening criteria. The EUCAST algorithm starts with ‘Meropenem 0.125 mg/L) in all Enterobacteriaceae’.


  2. I think CPE makes sense this has started to gain traction for one subclass.

    Acronyms that are too long become hard to deal with, especially when sharing information with disciplines outside of Infection control. Perhaps the “other” resistance form should be designated ACE where the A stands for “allos” which means other in Greek. This preserves CRE for the general class of both types and prevents misunderstandings when reading older literature on this subject.


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