Are alcohol gels doomed by resistant bacteria?

A high profile article was published earlier this year in Science Translational Medicine, suggesting that Enterococcus faecium can exhibit clinically relevant levels of tolerance to alcohol-based hand hygiene products. The article has generated a huge amount of press coverage and discussion amongst experts. So, I thought it was about time I gave the article a once over. My initial thought was this would be unhelpful extrapolation of low-level tolerance to alcohol gel that wouldn’t be meaningful in a clinical setting. But having read the paper, there’s genuine concern here. Overall though, if true resistance to alcohol gel was going to be a problem, I’m pretty sure it would have reared its ugly head already.

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ICPIC 2015

all-in-oneSorry, this was the attempt of a mobile upload straight from the meeting. Here a cleaned version, actually including  the picture. I promise, I will not continue (for now) to promote ICPIC via this blog. I do so via Twitter (@avipnl), but someone just presented a nice slide expressing the fact that you want a lot (too much) from one thing – in this case disinfection wipes.
“Wipes are like an egg-laying, milk-giving, wolly pig!”