Online HCAI / IPC / AMR / AMS / training resources

I am on the hunt for some free online training resources for HCAI / IPC / AMR / AMS / IPC, at a basic, intermediate, or advanced level. Here’s a summary of what I’ve unearthed so far.

Disclaimer: I have done exactly none of these courses, so I can’t vouch for them in any way – except to say that they exist!



Please feel free to flag other resources in the comments.

Image: Creative Commons.


2 thoughts on “Online HCAI / IPC / AMR / AMS / training resources

  1. There are a few good courses FOC on Coursera ( listed below.

    Antimicrobial Stewardship: Optimization of Antibiotic Practices (Stanford University)

    Antimicrobial resistance – theory and methods (Technical University of Denmark (DTU))

    I have heard good things about their Biofilms in Chronic Infections, but haven’t taken it myself and may not be exactly what you are looking for.


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