The first International Conference on Clinical Metagenomics (ICCMg)


Guest blogger Dr Etienne Ruppé (bio below) writes about a new conference in the emerging field of ‘Clinical Metagenomics’. I suspect we are all beginning to dip our toes into this challenging new arena, so I am sure this conference will be useful…  

The recent and continuous improvement of next-generation sequencing (NGS) has fueled the development of ‘metagenomics’ i.e. the extensive sequencing of the genomic material present in a given sample. In the clinical field, metagenomics appears to be a promising tool in various disciplines such as infectious diseases, where sequencing could be an alternative to the conventional methods based on culturing or polymerase chain reactions (PCR). Metagenomics has also yielded tremendous results when applied to the study of the intestinal microbiota or in oncology with the development of whole exome sequencing. In all, metagenomics is clearly moving from research to routine laboratories for clinical purposes and a new discipline is emerging, that we refer as ‘clinical metagenomics’. So, we believe that the time is right to gather, for the first time, the different ‘actors’ that will support the development of clinical metagenomics. The first International Conference on Clinical Metagenomics (ICCMg) will be held on 13-14 October 2016 in Campus Biotech, Geneva (Switzerland) (see image below). The talks will span various fields such as infectious disease, intestinal microbiota, bio-informatics, antibiotic resistance and oncology. Details about the program, the call for abstracts and registration can be found at


Etienne Ruppé (PharmD, PhD) is a clinical microbiologist currently working with Prof Jacques Schrenzel (MD, PhD) on the developement of clinical metagenomics in infectious diseases.



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