Hand hygiene in healthcare (or the lack of it)

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-19 om 12.01.35I had posted about Sanjay Saint’s great TED talk. He now wrote an article for the general public – based on his talk: “Hand washing stops infections, so why do health care workers skip it?”

While I am a big fan of hand rubbing (we don’t have the time to hand wash) I still feature his picture he included in his article. Have fun reading his article:


One thought on “Hand hygiene in healthcare (or the lack of it)

  1. Indeed,love of the profession is a true source of care for the patients, yet everyone has bad periods, there is tiredness, negligence and so on. We have seen that happening too often! We are actively working on our objective hand hygiene control technology to make that gone (it is now called the Semmelweis Scanner – what else?).


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