Survey of social media use by healthcare professionals

social media montage

I have been asked by ECCMID to do a talk on ‘Selling your colleagues and society: how to use social media.’ While there is some good data on social media use by scientists, I was struggling to find specific data on social media use by healthcare professionals. So I thought I’d generate some (and in doing so, generate the power of social media!). So, I have put together a short, simple survey that I hope you will have time to complete here.

I would appreciate it if you share the link to the survey ( with your colleagues and ask them to complete it too. It’s especially important that social media is not the only channel by which the survey is distributed, for obvious reasons!

My own view is that there is a great deal of benefit and very little downside in adopting social media in some of our existing work-streams, for both individuals, teams and organisations. But it will be interesting to see how many agree! I will post the results of the survey on this blog during ECCMID in April.

Image: Social Media Montage.


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