Journal Roundup July 2014


The July Journal Roundup is now available at the Journal of Hospital Infection website.

Topics this month include:

  • The Longitude Prize.
  • Randomized controlled trials of two novel glycopeptide antibiotics.
  • Developments in antimicrobial therapy, including several new approaches to augmenting the activity of existing agents.
  • Using chemicals for the prevention and treatment of skin wounds.
  • Updates on antibiotic cycling (which does seem to work afterall).
  • Commentary on ‘Mass Gatherings Medicine’.
  • Further updates to the SHEA Compendium.
  • Consideration of ‘horizontal’ (universal) vs. ‘vertical’ (targeted) strategies.
  • A randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of issuing mobile phone reminders for HIV appointments.
  • A video surveillance study reporting a truly shocking level of hand hygiene compliance among anesthesiologists: 2.9%!
  • Reviews on colistin, rapid nucleic acid based diagnostics, and the hithertofore unrecognised importance of free living amoebae in some healthcare-associated infection.
  • And finally…what makes Twitter light up with antibiotic chat more than anything else?

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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