More of a bad thing: ESBL-E

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-26 om 08.52.47

In a short, but important Dutch study, the added value of selective pre-enrichment for the detection of ESBL-producing enterobacteriacea (ESBL-E) was evaluated. The authors used their yearly prevalence study to shed more light onto the question if pre-enrichment (using a broth) might be equally improving the performance of ESBL-E detection, as it does with MRSA. While the literature on the topic might be controversial, this straightforward, well-performed study showed that direct culture failed to identify 25.9% (7/27) ESBL-E rectal carriers, which corresponds to 1.2% (7/562) of the screened population. While the overall rate of ESBL-E rectal carriage is not very high (4.8%) this study still demonstrates the importance of improving our methods to detect multi-drug resistant pathogens.

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