State of the World’s antibiotics

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The State of the World’s antibiotcs, 2015, was just released by the Center for Diseases Dynamics, Economics & Policy ( For all those interested in antimicrobial resistance this report is a must read.

To cite from the publication, this State of the World’s Antibiotics report records the status of this important global resource and provides critical policy analysis on three issues:

  • global patterns and trends in antibiotic resistance and 
antibiotic use in human beings and animals
  • the existing antibiotic supply and the research and development pipeline
  • interventions that have been shown to help rationalize antibiotic use and are practicable in all countries.

While being wonderful, the reports include a figure from a 2013 Lancet ID publication, a colleague (@ChristinaGrauls) alerted me to. According to figure 2-2: Carbapenem retail sales in selected countries, 2005–2010, the retail sales and thus probable consumption of carbapenems per 1,000 population is identical for the Netherlands and the USA. Somehow, I find that hard to believe.


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