Reflections from Infection Prevention 2017: Where will IPC be in 2027?

If I’m still around in 2027 (which I hope to be by the way), you have my advance express permission to throw this post back in my direction. I thought an interesting way to summarise the key themes from IP2017 would be to think about how the IPC landscape will look 10 years from now.

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I read a Controversies blog today, reflecting on a recent editorial suggesting that, because of frequent over-diagnosis, we should use quote marks every time we write “CAUTI” – and even use air quotes every time we say it! But why stop at CAUTI? Should we be talking about “CLABSI”, “CDI”, “SSI” and, well, any “HCAI” really?

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We need to EMBRACE engineers in the fight against HCAI and AMR

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I attended the first EMBRACE seminar today at Imperial College London. EMBRACE (Engineering, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences Bridging Research in Antimicrobial resistance: Collaboration and Exchange) is a gap-bridging collaborative aiming to bring together Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, and others to find new ways to address AMR and tackle HCAI. I thought I’d share some of my highlights from the seminar.

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