WHO global guidelines on the prevention of surgical site infection

schermafbeelding-2016-11-03-om-09-46-56After years of no recent international guidelines to prevent SSI, today (November 3rd,2016), WHO published the first ever Global guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infection. They include a list of 29 concrete recommendations that are available on the WHO website (link). The recommandations are also available as publication in Lancet ID, split into 2 documents: 13 recommandations specific tot he pre-operative period (link); 16 recommendations specific to the intra-operative and post-operative periods (link).  I have seen drafts of the HICPAC guideline and would assume that this guidelines should be released soon, too, which will be interesting as I can’y wait to see the differences.




One thought on “WHO global guidelines on the prevention of surgical site infection

  1. This is a positive development, and will form a base line for ongoing development of protocols and standards in this space. Such revisions / updates will become necessary as the healthcare industry moves more towards products and protocols in the infection control space that are about bio-engineering the environments to promote necessary, healthy resistomes / microbiomes as an alternative to the “kill everything” products and approachs that dominates these standards.


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